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Lloyd's colleagues in the Lloyd's building


The guiding principles

At Lloyd’s we believe in creating a healthy working environment and culture that enables positive wellbeing across the market. 

Healthy workplaces help to: 

  • Encourage and maintain good employee health behaviours  
  • Strengthen and maintain positive mental wellbeing 
  • Sustain high levels of employee morale 
  • Improve employee engagement, productivity and creativity 
  • Reduce absenteeism and related health care costs 
  • Improve employee value proposition and retention of existing employees as an employer of choice through the promotion of a healthy culture 

We have a dedicated Wellbeing Hub for our employees, which contains information on a holistic view on wellness and includes the four pillars physical, mental, financial and social wellbeing. We also have various internal resources for employees to refer to. Additionally, we have formed external partnerships to help our employees have access to more resources, including access to the Headspace app.  

Wellbeing is included in our Total Rewards Package.

Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre

The wellbeing centre is conveniently located in the upper basement of the Lloyd’s building in London. It offers an excellent range of medical services to the Lloyd’s community including a nurse, osteopath and podiatrist.