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Risk revealed event series

Connecting green businesses with the insurance sector

If we are to make the responsible decisions needed to finance and insure the world’s transition to a low-carbon economy, cross sector collaboration between sectors like ours and the energy sector must take place to inspire and drive action.

Risk revealed by Lloyd’s is the latest events series from Lloyd’s Futureset set up to increase awareness, help educate and connect the Lloyd’s market with pioneering, innovative firms in the clean energy space and to facilitate the difficult, but important questions around green technology innovation and risk mitigation. 

You can find round ups of all of our latest events below.

Risk revealed by Lloyd's: Clean technologies and hard-to-abate sectors

This report, produced by Lloyd’s Futureset and Aon explores the technologies shifting the energy landscape, reveals the current insurance offerings of each and analyses how demand is likely to evolve over time across the five technologies: carbon markets, carbon captures and storage, low carbon buildings, battery energy storage solutions and geothermal energy. It also considers the same implications for three hard to abate sector: agribusiness, shipping, and aviation.

Insuring the energy transition event

Insuring the energy transition

07 Mar 2023

For our second Risk revealed event of 2023, we invited Equinor, Norway’s international energy firm to Lloyd’s, to share with Lloyd’s underwriters what a credible transition plan from a leading energy firm looks like.

Offshore wind with the Carbon Trust and other leading experts

22 Nov 2022

Offshore wind is an established source of clean energy, generating around 8% of the world’s energy in the first half of 2022. It’s also well supported by the Lloyd’s market and featured in our 2021 Climate Action Roadmap and report as a key technology to enable a more sustainable, greener future.

We were joined by the Carbon Trust, Delta Wind Partners, Renewables Consulting Group, Ofgem, Markel and Travelers for our final conversation of the year.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS), with bp

15 Nov 2022

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) continues to gain momentum as businesses and governments struggle to keep pace in the race to net zero. But for many years, CCS wasn’t so popular, hindered by prohibitive costs and lack of political and scientific support.

For our third Risk revealed event, we were joined by bp’s VP of Carbon Capture and Storage, Martin Towns to discuss the emergence of the technology and the role it will play in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Mass timber with Waugh Thistleton architects, British Land and leading experts

28 Jun 2022

Buildings are responsible for ~39% of the world’s carbon emissions. Mass timber, a group of advanced engineered wood products, is an exceptionally strong and versatile low carbon building material that has emerged as a leading contender to reduce building costs and the construction industry’s carbon emissions.

Earlier this year Lloyd's Futureset was joined by representatives from Waugh Thistleton Architects, British Land and Gallagher to explore the insurance opportunities and barriers regarding mass timber - including standards and regulation, performance testing, and risk mitigation. You can download the event round up from the session below.

Hydrogen with bp

20 Jun 2022

Hydrogen is a fuel that produces no direct GHG emissions or other pollutants when combusted. Its lightness and high volumetric energy density when compressed, combined with its ability to act as an energy carrier that can be used to store, move and deliver energy produced from other sources, makes it a key enabler in accelerating the decarbonisation of a range of sectors.

We invited James Paterson to One Lime Street to present to the Lloyd’s market bp’s vision for hydrogen followed by and engaging Q&A with underwriters and brokers. You can download the event round up from our first session below