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Trading rights in Switzerland

Lloyd's Permissions

: Life, sickness and legal expenses

Local policies not required (see key information section)

Doing multinational business in Switzerland

Direct assured business (no local Swiss registered intermediary) can be placed at Lloyd’s by a Lloyd’s broker outside Switzerland. If the Lloyd’s broker intends to deal directly with a Swiss resident or domiciled policyholder in Switzerland, they must be on the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) Public Register of Insurance Intermediaries.

If the insurance intermediary does not intend to deal directly with a policyholder resident, or domiciled, in Switzerland, it must transact the business through an authorised insurance intermediary in Switzerland that has been approved by Lloyd’s to place insurance business with Lloyd’s underwriters. Insurance intermediaries in Switzerland wishing to place Swiss open market insurance business at Lloyd's must be approved as Open Market Correspondents (OMCs).

Key information


Insurance intermediaries in Switzerland that wish to place Swiss open market business at Lloyd's must be approved by Lloyd's as Open Market Correspondents (OMCs). See Crystal for criteria.

From 01/01/24 – New legislation impacting intermediaries for Swiss business. Full communications and Crystal guidance will be issued from Sept 2023.

Local policies: Marine and aviation third party liability insurances require compliance with legal minima and the issuance of compulsory certificates in an approved form


If a global contract is issued to a client headquartered inside Switzerland, it will be subject to Swiss legal and fiscal requirements.

Policy wordings must comply with Swiss insurance law – please see Crystal for details

Every policy or certificate that is evidence of the contract must contain the following statement: “Wherever in this policy/certificate or the conditions of insurance reference is made to the domicile of the General Representative, this is understood to be the Lloyd’s seat of administration for the entire Swiss business, the address of which is: Lloyd’s, Seefeldstrasse 7, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland."


Local claims payments are permitted


These country profiles and Crystal are provided for information purposes; they do not constitute solicitation of business and are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate professional advice.