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Sharing economy products at Lloyd's

Learn more about the solutions available to sharing economy companies for their operations and the tangible and intangible assets shared on their platforms.

The Lloyd’s market offers sharing economy companies fit-for-purpose solutions tailored to their bespoke and often rapidly changing needs. Based on an expert understanding of the sharing economy and a partnership approach, the market provides solutions which not only payout in the event of loss, but also help build trust and reputation by protecting users from risk.

Types of cover for the sharing economy

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General Liability

Public Liability and Employment Liability contractual legal responsibilities can all be impacted by the changes of responsibility that occur when traditional models of employment and supply chain are disrupted. Lloyd’s specialist underwriters can offer extensions and stand-alone policies covering perils such as terrorism and active shooter(s) which may expose the service provider (sharing economy platform) to liability and may be excluded from general liability insurance policies.

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Financial and Professional Lines

As sharing economy businesses grow, and increasingly develop new and innovative methods of collaborative offering of goods, services and investment, typically breaking down traditional methods of access, exposures can also be impacted. Litigation risks for professionals, from rendering professional services as well as management decisions, can still arise from disruptive business models and in certain circumstances can increase as different responsibilities to various parties change.

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With sharing economy platforms leveraging technology to connect consumers and providers of goods and services, the cyber threat can have serious implications for the operations and reputation of sharing economy businesses. Risk transfer solutions for both first party business interruption risks to third party exposures from security breaches can typically be catered for within Lloyd’s.

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Business interruption

Business interruption is a quite well-established line of insurance, with the trigger of the policy usually being physical damage or extended to include non-physical damage. Sharing economy companies and their business models can see different contractual relationships compared with more traditional business models. The Lloyd’s market has experience working with non-standard business interruption insurance arrangements as well as experience working with companies in the sharing economy to provide suitable insurance.

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With both car-sharing and ride-sharing becoming an increasingly common practice, insurance demands for coverages such as pay-per-trip or pay-per-use may start to arise in the motor insurance market. Lloyd’s has a long history of providing specialist auto insurance and offers the flexibility of tailored insurance products potentially suitable to new business models.

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As more people travel independently rather than using travel agents and buying packaged holidays, more direct demands for travel insurance may be seen rather than tour and travel operators offering it as part of an overall package. Travellers may seek insurance against failure of the individual entity providing their accommodation or other individual parts of their journey. Lloyd’s underwriters can provide tailored travel insurance policies.

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Personal accident

As the sharing economy evolves there may be an uptick in self-employment and therefore demand for private personal accident products could increase also as less people become party to wider group schemes offered by employers.

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