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Girl boss your career

Last week, the Lloyd’s Gender Network co-hosted an event at Lloyd’s with our charity partners, SEO London, bringing 15 female students to shadow senior leaders from across the business for a day.  

Here’s the highlights – and why these events are so important to Lloyd’s.

SEO London students at Lloyd's!

From GCSEs to CEO

At the end of June the Lloyd’s Gender Network welcomed 15 amazing female students to Lloyd’s for an insights day, in partnership with SEO London. The students brought their questions and energy to a morning session bringing to life the world of insurance. The afternoon session included a opportunity for each student to shadow a senior female leader – giving a chance to see the world of work up close and personal... The aim of this session was to inspire young females to go for their dreams by seeing successful women across Lloyd’s being represented and heard.

At the start of the session, we asked students to write down what they wanted to gain from the day, with many saying they wanted to learn about the different roles and pathways available in the market, as well as the chance to gain an insight into how to become a senior female leader in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Fast forward to the end of the day – what did they take away from the session? 

What’s SEO? Search engine optimisation? Sociedad Española de Ornitología?

Sponsors for educational opportunity!

SEO London prepares talented students from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds for career success. Our partnership with SEO London was born in January 2021, offering young people access to the Lloyd’s market and other top insurance firms. Candidates learn and develop through workshops, mentorship and placements with firms in the market.  

Did you know?

  • Lloyd’s supports between 10 and 15 students each year with university bursaries
  • In 2022 Lloyd’s supported almost 700 students through the SEO London Step into Insurance Programme. The programme prepares young people for the world of work and encourages them to explore careers in the Lloyd’s insurance market. 300 volunteers across the Lloyd’s market worked to bring Insurance to life for young people through mentoring, workshops, masterclasses and internships.

10 – 15

Students receive university bursaries each year


Students supported in 2022


Volunteers across the Lloyd’s market

Making an impact

Around the world, many people from underserved backgrounds struggle to be represented in the workplace. Although there has been progress, many communities still face harsh barriers at work. At Lloyd’s we want to change that. Our aim is to build an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome, so we can make sure Lloyd's stays a destination for global talent.

We also want to be learning from each other as we do this. Gender inequality crosses over with many of the other challenges faced by other disadvantaged groups, such as by social class, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. So, focusing on multiple areas at once will really help shift the dial.

Last year, Lloyd’s brought its diversity networks under one banner: Lloyd’s Together. That wasn’t just a name change – it’s because we think there’s a lot to learn between groups from the barriers faced in the workplace and how we can make our cultures more inclusive.

Hear from the leaders

We talked to some of the leaders involved in the event to get their thoughts:

Jaycee Rigden, Business Apprentice, Lloyd's

11 Jul 2023