The Lloyd's Analysis team have developed a graphical representation of all currently active, open and run-off syndicates and their corresponding managing agents.

Lloyd's syndicate map

The diagram also shows all of the historical reinsurance to close (RITC) transactions (as at the original closing dates) that took place between 1993 and year end 2018. Effectively this shows a "map" of all syndicates that traded in the Lloyd's market since 1993, the syndicate years into which they RITC'd and the syndicates that now hold those liabilities.

The graphical format of this information provides a fascinating insight into the complex workings of the Lloyd's market. However, the information is probably most useful to the broking community, who can use it to determine which syndicate is now responsible for business which may have been underwritten some years ago by another syndicate, that is now closed.

You can locate the original syndicate on the map by searching for it in the pdf file. The ceding year of account for any transaction is indicated on the map. Thus it is easy to follow the transfer of liabilities up to the present time.

The diagram may also be useful to managing agents that are interested in looking at the history of liabilities that their syndicate has acquired through various RITC transactions.


RITC Matrix

Non life Claims in respect of business written on the 1992 and prior years of account are now dealt with by:-

Resolute Management Services Limited
33 St. Mary Axe
Tel: 020 7342 2000

This report shows where the responsibility lies for all syndicate years of account (including those for incidental syndicates) from 1993 to current year and where applicate which syndicates have been reinsured to close into another syndicate.

This report will enable brokers, policyholders and managing agents to trace where a syndicate now resides and who is responsible for the business. 

[XLS] Reinsurance To Close Report

For details of syndicate writing in the current calendar year please refer to the Lloyd's market directories


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