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Home grown terrorism – what does it mean for business?

This report examines the growing threat of home-grown terrorism

01 Nov 2007

The report uses a number of case studies to assess the impact on business from terrorist attacks. A desire to damage the local economy is one key theme in terrorist attacks, with tourism being affected in Bali and retail spending in London after the 2002 and 2005 attacks.

Businesses can easily find themselves affected by a home-grown terrorist attack. This report written with the support of the International Institute for Strategic Studies assesses the risk to business and what business leaders can in response to the threat. It is important to create a long term strategy to address home grown terrorism, involving an active partnership between business and society.

Building resilience against home grown terrorism is fundamentally an extension of resilience against other traditional threats. However, it is important to therefore strengthen these measures against this new threat, such as ensuring security is embedded into any corporate culture, better information gathering and protecting business supply chains.