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Lloyd's Morocco FAQs

View our FAQs below.

Contact your re/insurance agent, broker, or the party that produced the re/insurance.

To obtain insurance from Lloyd’s, contact an independent broker or visit our market directory page: Lloyd’s Market Directory 

Underwriters at Lloyd’s don’t appoint retail agents. Business comes through brokers, managing general agents, coverholders, and other intermediaries with their own supply chains of retailers.

Generally, Lloyd’s underwriters are not licensed to write insurance in or from Morocco, excluding CFC (Casablanca Finance City). Exceptions exist for non-admitted placements for specific risks, subject to ACAPS (Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Social Security) approval.

The Insurance Code allows non-admitted placement for aviation, marine, and other risks if cover cannot be found locally. Prior approval from ACAPS is necessary, with specific conditions outlined for different risk categories. Contact the Country General Representative for more information.

Yes, Lloyd’s underwriters can appoint service companies and coverholders in CFC for various insurances, subject to ACAPS approval on a case-by-case basis. They can also cover non-Moroccan risks, considering jurisdiction-specific restrictions.

Lloyd’s underwriters seeking ACAPS authorization for maritime risks must provide specific documentation, and the process varies based on the nature of the risk. Consultation with the market may be required, and the response time depends on the scenario. For specific cases, contact the Country General Representative.

Professional indemnity insurance, third-party liability for motor vehicles, liability for huntsmen, workers’ compensation insurance, marine oil pollution, clinical trials, and property/motor insurance covering catastrophic events are compulsory classes in Morocco.

Lloyd’s tax department does not handle taxes in Morocco. Any identified tax liability resulting from insurance or reinsurance business should be notified to Lloyd’s tax department.

While Lloyd’s underwriters are not licensed in Morocco, an arrangement with CFC and ACAPS allows them to grant an extension for a binding authority to coverholders within CFC. Further guidance can be obtained by contacting

Since Lloyd’s is not a licensed insurer in Morocco, contracts should include a choice of law clause specifying the applicable law. Similarly, a jurisdiction clause can be agreed upon with the insured, but its effectiveness may be subject to dispute resolution scenarios.

If information is not found on the website, contact the Country General Representative (details below).