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Welcome to Lloyd's in Mauritius

Our story in Mauritius

For over 100 years, Lloyd’s has provided tailored insurance and reinsurance solutions in Mauritius for a variety of risks.

With a strong support from our broker distribution network, and their local retail brokers, supplemented by our coverholder operations locally, Lloyd’s underwriters are amongst the largest commercial insurers and reinsurers in the country.

Lloyd’s is authorised to carry out insurance and reinsurance business in Mauritius, subject to the proviso that its brokers do not place their business (other than reinsurance) elsewhere than with Lloyd’s Underwriters (and other registered insurers), and that the insurance contracts be subject Mauritian Law and Jurisdiction, though this is not mandatory.

Our customers are the businesses and entrepreneurs who drive and serve the Mauritius economy in the domestic and global business sector and they come to Lloyd’s to access the scale, diversity and financial strength of our specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

Lloyd’s provides tailored insurance and reinsurance solutions for a variety of risks located or managed from Mauritius, including special risks associated with the offshore financial sector.

The depth of expertise and breadth of products sets the Lloyd’s market apart. Customers have access to the combined scale, expertise and capacity of an entire market, not just a single insurance company.

As our world is reshaped by economic, environmental, geopolitical and technological shifts, the breadth, depth and responsiveness of the Lloyd’s market gives Mauritius businesses the confidence to move forward in the face of uncertainty.

Our work in the community

Lloyd’s is committed to improving lives and building resilience in the local community. Through the Lloyd’s Together programme we support local communities with projects that focus on education and employability, environment and sustainability, social welfare and health and disaster preparedness and relief.

Mauritius has hosted several African insurance events, including those of the African Insurance Organisation and Organisation of Southern and Eastern Africa Insurers, all of which have been actively supported by Lloyd’s through sponsorships. Lloyd’s has also sponsored several key specialist staff working in the Mauritian Insurance sector for training in its Global Development Programs in London.

The Lloyd’s market champions diversity and is leading the field in encouraging open, inclusive cultures across our industry.

Our solutions in Mauritius

Lloyd’s is authorised in Mauritius to underwrite life and non-life insurance and reinsurance, and offers tailored solutions in most classes of insurance, with heavy emphasis on special risks, where there is shortage of skills and capacity in the local market.

Lloyd’s covers more than 60 lines of insurance and reinsurance, namely:

  • Accident & Health
  • Agriculture & Hail
  • Aviation
  • BBB/Crime
  • Cargo
  • Casualty
  • Contingency
  • Cyber
  • Difference in conditions
  • Directors & Officers
  • Employers Liability
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Extended Warranty
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fine Art
  • Legal Expenses
  • Livestock & Bloodstock
  • Marine
  • Medical Expenses
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motor
  • General Liability
  • Nuclear
  • Pecuniary
  • Personal Accident XL
  • Political Risks, Credit and Financial Guarantee
  • Power Generation
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Property
  • Space
  • Specie
  • Term Life
  • Terrorism
  • Yacht

Contact us

The Lloyd’s General Representative, Mauritius can be contacted at the address hereunder.

The Lloyd’s General Representative, Mauritius plays an important role in the promotion and management of Lloyd’s brand as well as the regulatory and compliance requirements for Lloyd’s in the Mauritius market.

Please note: The Lloyd's representative in Mauritius does not underwrite, quote or issue insurance policies. If you have a question about your Lloyd’s policy, please contact your insurance broker.

Shiamdass Appannah,
Lloyd’s General Representative, Mauritius,
Morc Boucan Road,

Amit Khilosia

Regional Head, Africa

+44 (20) 73276367
Boniface Chiwota

Manager, Market Development and Strategy

+ 44 207 327 7167

Mercy Corps and Lloyd's

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Bringing Africa closer to Lloyd’s and Lloyd’s closer to Africa

Africa’s strong demographic profile and wealth of natural resources present huge opportunities for its economies. Infrastructure and commerce are growing rapidly but require good risk management and mitigation to build resilience for the future. The complex risks that growing economies face need innovative, flexible risk transfer solutions. Lloyd’s is already a leading provider of specialist insurance and reinsurance across Africa and we are looking forward to increasing our support to insurance markets in Africa.