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Conversation about Joseph Marryat’s portrait (c.1826)

This conversation takes its starting point from Joseph Marryat’s portrait discussing his significance and exploring how he used his influence.

Joseph Marryat (1757-1824) was an underwriter and banker who served as Chairman of Lloyd’s 1811-1824. He was also a West Indian merchant, slave owner, ship owner, and a prominent committee member of the Society of West Indian Planters and Merchants. He was an Agent for Trinidad and then Grenada and as a Member of Parliament, he opposed both the abolition of the slave trade and slavery in Parliament and by authoring pamphlets.

Item in Collection

Portrait of Joseph Marryat by John Hayes, c.1826
Lloyd’s Collection

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This factsheet provides further information on the portrait of Joseph Marryat, his role at Lloyd’s and his involvement with historic enslavement. 

Please be aware some of the content may contain harmful language which may cause distress.