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Interest rates that are managed by Lloyd's

Details of interest paid on cash held within funds at Lloyd’s

Interest earned on cash held within funds at Lloyd’s and that are managed by Lloyd’s is paid on a semi-annual basis. Interest is accrued to a date in June and December and is paid away in accordance with members’ instructions within a week of this date. This process is the same for GBP, USD, AUD , CAD and EUR.

Current interest rates payable

Currency Rate    Effective Date
GBP 5.05%30 Aug 2023
USD 5.325%2 Aug 2023
AUD4.025%30 Aug 2023
EUR 3.425%30 Aug 2023
CAD 4.775%30 Aug 2023
JPY 0.000%01 Jan 2022

Please note that the interest rates quoted are net of a cash service charge of 0.125%.