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Reference materials

Market data

Our essential collection of data, guidance and codes for operating at Lloyd’s.

Reference materials

Catastrophe Codes

Codes can be allocated to a single loss occurring on a specified date or to a single loss incurred over a number of days. 

Claims Inflation

Discussion document to define and monitor claims inflation Claims Inflation, a vital input to planning, pricing, capital setting and reserving.

Core Market Returns guidebook

Our tool for collecting syndicate level data enabling Lloyd’s to meet its reporting and analytical requirements.

Lloyd’s Codes

Find Codes made and issued pursuant to paragraph 31 of the Underwriting Byelaw and paragraph 5 of the Requirements made pursuant to the Underwriting Byelaw.

Lloyd’s Valuation of Liabilities Rules

Lloyd’s Valuation of Liabilities Rules provide guidance and clarification for actuaries preparing Statements of Actuarial Opinion (SAOs) on syndicate technical provisions for solvency. This includes sample opinion wordings.

Reinsurance To Close Report

This report shows where the responsibility lies for all syndicate years of account (including those for incidental syndicates) from 1993 to current year and where applicate which syndicates have been reinsured to close into another syndicate. 

This report will enable brokers, policyholders and managing agents to trace where a syndicate now resides and who is responsible for the business.

Reserving guidance

Lloyd’s has set out guidance and key principles surrounding the setting of reserves for syndicates. 

Risk codes 

Information on risk codes with access to related market bulletin, guidance notes and a list of risk codes.