Understanding risk

Clear understanding of the changing landscape of risk, and of the latest developments in scientific research on risk, are fundamental to the development of effective insurance products.

Closing the insurance gap

Four mechanisms to incentivise investment in resilience

Understanding the risks of synthetic biology

A different approach to modelling marine risk

How counterfactual analysis helps insurers better understand risk by asking "what if?"

Exploring trends, challenges and modelling innovations in today's Lloyd's cargo insurance market

This report, published by Lloyd’s in collaboration with Arium, sets out a new data-driven methodology that for the first time allows (re)insurers to model liability exposure probabilistically across their entire portfolios.

This report presents an approach developed by Arium which combines insights provided by scenarios and supply chains to quantify losses that could arise from liability events.

Emerging liability risks report  

Lloyd’s has published a report that shows how insurers can use big data to carry out more robust liability risk management.

Harnessing big data analytics report  

This report, produced in cooperation with the University of Kent, analyses behaviours which affect risk identification and decision-making. The report draws on various areas within psychology and related disciplines to highlight potential biases in risk perception.

Cognition: Minding Risks  



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