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This section has been designed for coverholders, service companies, open market correspondents and those that work with Delegated Authority business.

Latest Service updates

End of Year Coverholder Application Deadline

We are approaching the peak renewal season and experience tells us that this will be a busy time for new coverholder approvals. Although the Delegated Authorities Team will try to provide a decision on complete applications, high volumes may slow this down. 

We therefore request that any application which requires a decision before the end of the year must be submitted by Friday 31 October 2014.

For any coverholders that wish to underwrite business from 1 January 2015, we would ask you to make that clear in the letter of support or decision paper, and ensure the submission is fully compliant.  Please remember that only complete applications with all the required supporting information attached, will be able to be processed by year end. Any incomplete applications will be returned.

To assist in producing complete applications that are fully compliant the following tools are available:

Kind regards,

Lloyd’s Delegated Authorities Team

ATLAS User Guide

The Lloyd's Delegated Authorities team has recently revamped the ATLAS user guide. This is to fall in line with the updated verison of ATLAS. Please find the user guide by using the link below:

Atlas User Guide


Delegated Authorities Team
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Fax: +44 (0)20 7327 6688
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