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Delegated Authority

This section has been designed for coverholders, service companies, open market correspondents and those that work with Delegated Authority business.

2016 LMA 'Multi-Year' binding authority model agreements

The LMA has produced Multi-Year versions of the model binding authority agreements with effect from the 2016 year of account. Managing agents may enter into binding authority agreements of up to 36 months ('multi-year binding authorities') Please click here for further details.

Delegated Authorities Townhall

A managing agents / brokers Townhall event was held at Lloyd’s on 1 September 2015.

Download slides from the presentation 

A Townhall event on Multi-Year binding authorities contract was held at Lloyd's on 4 November 2015.

Multi-year Contracts Town Hall Slides 4 November 2015


Data reporting requirements

From 1 January 2016, Lloyd’s managing agents will require additional data in order to assess management of conduct risk.

Managing agents / brokers town hall 

A managing agents / brokers Town Hall event was held at Lloyd’s on 1 May 2015. This outlined all data requirements as well as updates on claims and complaints and data standards.

Watch the presentation

Lloyd's co-ordinated binder audit

The Lloyd’s delegated authorities team is driving an initiative to coordinate the audits of those Lloyd’s coverholders that have multiple binders with different lead underwriters.

This initiative, which represents a key action in our strategic objective of making it easier to do business with Lloyd’s, has been well supported by Lloyd’s managing agents and brokers.

This case study has been written by Mark Taylor of Turnstone Insurance and Reinsurance Services and details the audit of AJ Gallagher undertaken on behalf of Lloyd’s syndicates late last year.

Read the full case study

Latest Service updates


Application Deadline:

We are approaching the peak renewal season and experience tells us that this will be a busy time for new coverholder approvals. Although the Delegated Authorities Team will try to provide a decision on complete applications, high volumes may slow this down. 

We therefore request that any application which requires a decision before the end of the year must be submitted by Friday 30th October.

For any coverholders that wish to underwrite business from 1st January 2016, we would ask you to make that clear in the letter of support or decision paper, and ensure the submission is fully compliant.  Please remember that only complete applications with all the required supporting information attached, will be able to be processed by year end. Any incomplete applications will be returned and not included within the deadline date.

Applications can still be submitted after this deadline, we just cannot guarantee they will be approved prior to 1/1.

To assist in producing complete applications that are fully compliant the following tools are available:


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