From risk insight and international business growth to corporate social responsibility and the Lloyd's graduate programme, our videos have been produced to help you explore Lloyd's and discover more about the world's specialist insurance market.


Lloyd's Community Programme

  • 02 Oct 2014

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Lloyd’s Community Programme. Hear from some of the young people involved in the programme about their experiences.

Jatin Sharma 

Lloyd's Global Development Centre - Jatin Sharma on Renewable Energy

  • 30 Sep 2014

Jatin Sharma, Head of Offshore and Head of Business Development, GCube Underwriting Ltd. discusses alternative and renewable energy, focusing on wind, wave and tidal projects as far afield as Japan.

Joe Hancock 

Lloyd's Global Development Centre - Joe Hancock on Cyber Security

  • 30 Sep 2014

Joe Hancock, Cybersecurity Expert at Aegis discusses cyber security and the challenges that global businesses will face looking ahead to 2025 and how the Lloyd's market has responded to a continually changing threat landscape to offer products and different approaches for clients.

Julian Roberts 

Lloyd's Global Development Centre - Julian Roberts on Agriculture

  • 30 Sep 2014

Julian Roberts, Executive Director - Agribusiness at Willis describes the role that insurance plays in agriculture, drawing upon his background in the development of risk, insurance and related products as well as highlighting examples of innovative approaches and products for agribusiness worldwide.

Chris Benton 

Lloyd's Global Development Centre - Chris Benton on Upstream Energy

  • 30 Sep 2014

Chris Benton, Offshore Energy Underwriter at Aegis talks about how Upstream Energy and the Lloyd's Market. Chris' career has extended across claims, as a broker and also as an underwriter giving him a unique and in-depth perspective across this line of business.