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Ben Ainslie Racing

Lloyd's underwriters eye America's Cup


A British team led by Olympian Sir Ben Ainslie is on course to challenge for The America’s Cup, one of the world’s toughest sailing events, a process that will require first rate risk management and insurance.

Tailoring intelligence for the Lloyd's market


With a decade of experience providing market & competitive intelligence in the London insurance market, we talk to Filip Wuebbeler, Senior Manager of Lloyd’s Market Intelligence team about the importance of monitoring, enhancing & sharing data with the Lloyd's market.

Consumer alerts

Consumer Alert regarding Mr Greg. Stewart of Space Coast Insurance Group


Consumer Alert regarding Mr. Greg Stewart of Space Coast Insurance Group, at 1211 Admiralty Boulevard, Rockledge, Florida, United States of America.

Space port to usher in new era of risk


Under government plans the UK could have its first space port up and running by 2018, supporting the development of a new-breed of low cost spaceplanes that can take tourists to very high altitudes and orbit satellites into space.

Extreme events require specialist cover


Whether it’s a 150 mile race across the Moroccan desert or an ultra-marathon in the heat of California’s Death Valley, gruelling endurance and extreme sports events are growing in popularity. Robert Murphy, Global Entertainment & Events Practice Leader for insurance broker Marsh, explains how insurance and risk management helps keep such events safe.

A treasure trove of big data


As every aspect of life and business becomes digitised, so too does our ability to understand how individual events relate to each other and this will change the way we live.

16 US states at high earthquake risk


Updates to the recent US geological survey show that certain areas face a higher threat of earthquakes than previously thought.

The sinking cities


As sea levels rise, ground levels in coastal megacities are also falling – with potentially disastrous implications for insurers.

Sean McGovern

Lloyd's General Counsel re-elected to US insurance board


Lloyd’s Chief Risk Officer and General Counsel, Sean McGovern has been reappointed to the board of the US Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance (FACI).

Renewable energy projects covered


As the need for energy security drives investment in renewable energy, the insurance industry is responding by providing innovative products to mitigate some of the potential volatility.




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325 years of Lloyd's: An Extraordinary History

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