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Welcome to the Lloyd’s blog. Here, experts from across the Corporation share their insights and opinion on risk, insurance and industry trends. Our bloggers cover a range of topics from exposure management and emerging risk to the latest global insurance events.

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Preparing for disaster

Disaster risk is becoming more complex and costly, and the global reinsurance industry has a critical role to play in helping societies prepare for...

Trevor Maynard

"Will UK climate change policies make us better or worse off"?

I am attending the launch of an important economic study this evening at Westminster. The report, produced by Cambridge Econometrics and reviewed by...

Andrew MacKenzie

Mitigating against maritime operational risks

I was very fortunate to attend a Southampton Port familiarisation course overseen by the cooperation of the London Shipping Law Centre and Young...

Trevor Maynard

Human impacts of climate change

We are heading for four degrees of climate change unless urgent action is taken to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Robert Humphreys

Modernisation: what does it really mean?

How do you support and facilitate a diverse and specialised market’s need to target profitable growth against a backdrop of global challenges, such...

David Lang

Claims Reporting Suite: A voyage of discovery

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data” – Daniel Keys Moran

Infrastructure builds opportunities for Mexican insurers

Despite Fitch rating agency reporting that the outlook for Mexican insurers is mixed, opportunities are developing for insurers with the specialist...

Trevor Maynard

Climate model uncertainity

Last week Lloyd's published a report on the impact of climate change on Catastrophe Modelling. Today, the Lighthill Risk Network (LRN), which is...


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