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Interactive Guide Second Edition: Progress update

As at 31 March 2022

Progress against the Blueprint Two roadmap

The second Interactive Guide included a roadmap running from Q1 2022 to market cutover in Q2 2024. We set out the following key takeaways on the roadmap.

  • To transition to the digital marketplace, it is important to prepare our organisations.
  • Activity captured in the roadmap highlights what is changing, when to get ready to adopt the solutions, and the key actions required.
  • Market participants each have their own transformation journey and will adopt an implementation strategy that satisfies their needs both now and in the future.

Alongside perspectives from market leaders, the roadmap is intended to provide a guide to inform the planning for your digital journey, with actions you can take to become benefits ready.

Progress against each milestone is shown against each of the three core activities – open market placement, delegated authority placement, and claims alongside digital processing.

Market milestones: Q1 2022 progress update

Market milestone for all three core workstreams

A market milestone relevant for all three core workstreams was achieved in Q1 2022.

Requirements for transition services v1 published

Version 1 of the requirements for the transition services was published in the second edition of the Blueprint Two Interactive Guide on 28 January 2022.

Open market placement

Key achievements

Two market milestones for Q1 2022 were achieved.

LMG Data Council established

The Data Council membership was announced by the London Market Group on 20 December 2021. The Data Council issued further information on the membership and core responsibilities of the Council and its Technical Groups.

Core Data Record approved and published by the Data Council

At its meeting on 22 March 2022, the Data Council approved the third and final iteration of the Core Data Record (CDR) that sets out the data requirements for direct insurance and facultative reinsurance for all classes of business and territories relevant for the Company and Lloyd’s markets. Read the press release from the Data Council issued on 31 March 2022, and find further information about the CDR on our dedicated webpages.

Next steps for market participants

Brokers, insurers, and service providers

  • Read the information on our dedicated CDR webpages so that you are up to date on the outcomes of the final consultation, the approved CDR for direct insurance and facultative reinsurance for the Company and Lloyd’s market, and next steps.
  • View the approved version of the CDR in Airtable
    • Brokers - Identify whether you hold the data to populate the fields. If you do not currently hold the data, how will you capture it to complete the CDR?
    • Insurers - Consider how you can leverage the fields in the CDR for reconciliations.
    • Service providers – Do your product and services currently enable the collection of the data fields in the CDR? If not, how will you support your clients to collect this data?

The workstream remains on track to deliver the Q2 2022 milestones.

Delegated authority placement

One market milestone was achieved for Q1 2022, and one is being replanned. 

DA Claims Status Tracker live (managing agents and brokers)

Since we launched the DA Claims Status Tracker to managing agents and brokers, all 57 managing agents have now been onboarded to the Insights Hub. 42 brokers have also been onboarded to date. In early Q2 we will be granting access to the first group of Delegated Claims Administrators (DCAs).

Next steps for market participants


If you’re not already onboarded to the Insights Hub and/or using the Claims Status Tracker:

  • Onboard to Lloyd’s Insights Hub here or email us to register
  • Watch the demo and supporting video on the Insights Hub
  • Provide feedback to us for future iterations

Managing agents

If you’re not already using the DA Claims Status Tracker:

  • Watch the demo and supporting video on the Insights Hub
  • Provide feedback to us for future iterations

Delegated Contract Oversight Manager (DCOM) and Delegated Data Manager (DDM) integrated

The Lloyd’s Delegated Authority (DA) programme uses a number of third-party IT contingent resources. One significant supplier we have been using for critical development, testing and other support work ahead of each DCOM release employs individuals based across Russia and Belarus. Due to current events in Ukraine, we have taken the decision to stop working with this provider. Alongside other activity to ensure continued system stability and robustness for market users, our planned schedule of releases, and our timeline for integration has been delayed. We will provide further updates when they are available. More details on this, plus our enhanced market support framework, process improvements and other DA developments are available on the Delegated authority solutions page.


Key achievements

The claims workstream continues to make good progress with activities, including the Claims Status Tracker as set out in the ‘Delegated authority placement’ section.

Market engagement in Q1 2022

Ongoing engagement with market participants is critical to ensure we deliver appropriate solutions that provide real value and benefits to our organisations and ultimately our customers.

We have worked with market associations to agree the structure and membership of three market advisory groups covering digital processing, claims, and delegated authority. Members were nominated to ensure representation of senior participants from across the London market.

We will also engage market experts at a practitioner level through our market access groups, with participants nominated by the market associations.

One-to-one market engagement

During Q1 we have bolstered our team to support one-to-one engagement with the market. We are undertaking this in collaboration with the joint venture, engaging with managing agents, brokers and key service providers to understand each firm’s transformation journey, and answer queries arising from the second Interactive Guide. We hope this will support your planning and implementation of the Blueprint Two solutions. These discussions will continue over the coming months as organisations develop their plans further.

Joint Solution Plan activities

Delivering practicable solutions relies on specialist input from market participants. We are supporting the build process for the Joint Solution Plan through the identification of subject matter experts who are able to inform the design of the build and share their suggestions and ideas.

Blueprint Two Interactive Guide second edition: Market-wide webinar

On 24 February over 450 people attended the webinar we held for market participants working on the implementation of the Blueprint Two solutions. View the recording and read the Q&A from the webinar on our blog.

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