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Interactive Guide Second Edition: Progress update

As at 15 December for Q4 2022

Progress against the Blueprint Two roadmap

The second edition of our Interactive Guide charts the progress towards delivering the digital solutions outlined in Blueprint Two and includes a roadmap running from 2022 to 2024 detailing the dates and key actions organisations need to take to effectively implement and benefit from the changes.

To encourage transparency and ensure market participants are fully informed, we share an update on progress made against the major market milestones each quarter.

An overview of progress made in Q4 2022:

  • DXC has made great progress on completing sequences 1 and 2 of the London Market Joint Venture build. This will provide the technology to support the digital middle and back office of the Lloyd’s and London market. Sequence one of the build, which will provide the foundational components to be used across the Joint Venture’s suite of services, will be delivered by year end 2022. Sequence two, which will provide the global premium and claims services, will be introduced to the market in Q1 2023 with the Joint Venture already approaching possible users of those services. 
  • Our new streamlined approach to coverholder compliance has commenced with the launch of our Lloyd’s new delegated authority approval process. As of 1 November 2022, if a managing agent sponsoring a coverholder application is meeting their expected maturity rating under the Customer Outcomes Principle, they no longer have to submit a decision paper within the ATLAS application. In 2023, we will work with market participants and the market associations to define and deliver a wider compliance solution.
  • We have successfully integrated Delegated Contract Oversight Manager (DCOM) and Delegated Data Manager (DDM) which allows market users to take advantage of an automatic data flow from DCOM into DDM upon registration of a binder. Integrating the platforms reduces time to complete binder information, improves data quality to power downstream processes, and enables greater consistency between the two systems.
  • We are rolling out Faster Claims Payment, with 15 managing agents now signed up to use and benefit from the solution.
  • We have been working closely with all known vendors, who work with Lloyd’s existing central services, to pledge their intent to make the necessary changes to their platforms to accommodate the new Blueprint Two solutions for the London insurance market.
  • In Q4, we have delivered two milestones on the roadmap, the release of enhanced DA data reporting and Faster Claims Payment FCP has been successfully released. One milestone on the Digital Gateway sandbox test environment, has been postponed as it is dependent on contractual negotiations, which are more complex than initially anticipated.
  • Given the largest part of the programme execution in 2023 and 2024 is through the Joint Venture build, we will be updating the roadmap with additional detail and will publish this in early 2023.

Market milestones: Q4 2022 progress update

The Open Market, Delegated authority and Claims market milestones for each 2022 quarter are listed on a roadmap with a coloured diamond detailing the progress. Q4 market milestones and their progress colours are: Open market - Digital gateway sandbox test environment stood up is marked in grey, Delegated authority - Release of enhanced DA data reporting and extraction (DCOM and DDM) is marked in green and Claims - DA Faster Claims Payment (FCP) released is marked in green

Below is a more detailed update on the major milestones to deliver upon the data first journey for open market placement, delegated authority placement, and claims.

Open market placement

a right hand facing arrow on a yellow circle to indicate the milestone is still in progress

Digital Gateway sandbox test environment stood up

The build of the Digital Gateway sandbox test environment is dependent on contractual negotiations and, when agreed, will need to account for the dependency on two upstream pieces of work; turning the CDR standards into ACORD standards; and the business process roles and responsibilities for placement. Work is underway on both of these dependencies, though it is a little more complex than initially anticipated.

Delegated Authority

a white tick on a green circle to indicate the milestone has been completed

Release of enhanced DA data reporting and extraction (DCOM and DDM)

This milestone has been accomplished. Delegated authority data is enhanced via the completion of the various DCOM core stability releases, particularly DCOM release 1.5 which serves as the final major update for the year. This has delivered functionality to support Faster Claims Payment and to allow for continuous contracts.

Upgrades to DCOM’s foundation have improved data security and quality, preparing DCOM to transition into its full run mode. In 2023, further improvements to the system will be deployed via smaller iterations of market-driven updates and we will communicate such improvements when they are available.

With regards to enhanced delegated authority data extraction in DDM, this milestone has been rescinded due to a shift in strategy. We are focusing on the development of an overall delegated authority data strategy that will help drive our future data and technology roadmap.

The data strategy is designed to evolve the way we do delegated authority business as a marketplace, with the aim of making data transmission processes easier and more efficient for all participants. The first iteration of the data strategy will be delivered in Q1 2023.


a white tick on a green circle to indicate the milestone has been completed

Faster Claims Payment FCP released for delegated authority business

The Faster Claims Payment (FCP) solution is now available as a central market service for the wider delegated authority market and is already paying claims, including some resulting from Hurricane Ian. FCP is a transformative payment solution which allows Delegated Claims Administrators (DCAs) to make payments on request and pay claims in hours and days, by drawing on managing agent funds directly via the Vitesse payment platform, removing the need for loss funds and the associated cash calls for funding deficits.

Throughout Q4 this year, managing agents have been signing their market user agreements with LIMOSS to begin transferring binders to the platform. You can see which MAs have already signed up on the LIMOSS website. Brokers and DCAs have also been completing their process training, and as more market participants come on board the opportunity to use FCP on a wider range of binders only increases. Through 2023, LIMOSS, Vitesse and Lloyd’s will continue our efforts to onboard more market participants and remove any obstacles to scale this important advancement for our customers and our market.

Market engagement in Q4 2022

Ongoing engagement is critical to build and deliver appropriate, relevant, and adoptable solutions that provide value and benefit to your organisation, our marketplace, and ultimately our customers.

We have worked with market associations to develop an engagement structure that delivers participation and insight at a senior and practitioner level across the market.

A market event was held on Monday 5 December, providing an overview on the progress made this year, and the updated roadmap for 2023 and 2024. Over 600 market leaders attended the session, and you can watch the recording from the event.

New artefacts

  • On the Blueprint Two Hub, in partnership with LIIBA, we have issued the Foundational Playbook for brokers. This follows the LMA Foundational Playbook for managing agents and will assist brokers in their implementation of Blueprint Two market transformation initatives. We will be publishing a company market version with the IUA in January.
  • The London Market Joint Venture issued an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) schedule and Application Programming Interface (API) schedule here.
  • To ensure the market has a good understanding of Blueprint Two solutions, we have set up a quarterly survey to track perceived understanding, and in later surveys, the market’s readiness to transition to the new digital services. This information gives us a clear indication of how ready the market is, and will allow us to adjust our engagement strategy and delivery timelines if needed. The first of these surveys was conducted during October 2022 read more here.

 We’ve launched a new tool to enable you to submit your questions on Blueprint Two. From these queries, we have published a set of frequently asked questions and will update these on a regular basis. 


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