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Research reports focusing on emerging risks and understanding of risk.

Risk Insight

Risk insight through research is central to Lloyd’s commitment to be a market where entrepreneurialism and innovation will thrive, underpinned by robust risk and performance management.

Here you will find reports commissioned by Lloyd’s which examine emerging risks and key issues in the understanding of risk, together with details of the Lloyd’s emerging risks team.

Business Blackout: The insurance implications of a cyber attack on the US power grid

The threat of cyber attack reaches every part of modern society, and insurance could have an important role to play in helping organisations to manage their cyber risk exposure. However, there is a significant level of uncertainty attached to the impact of severe events.

Lloyd’s has published a research report that aims to contribute to the knowledge base required to develop the next generation of insurance solutions for the digital age.

The research estimates the economic and insurance impacts of a severe, yet plausible, cyber attack against the US power grid. While the analysis focuses on the US, we believe that it provides a framework for thinking about severe cyber attacks anywhere in the world.

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Erebos Cyber Blackout Scenario

This composite image depicts night lights in the continental USA (source: NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC) overlaid with the output capacity of power generation plants (Dataset: US Energy Information Administration, electricity power sales, revenue and energy efficiency Form EIA-861 detailed data files) and representations of 50 individual generators in the targeted region. It has been produced for illustrative purposes only.

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The threat of cyber attack reaches every part of modern society, and insurance could have an important role to play in helping organisations to...

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