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Research reports focusing on emerging risks and understanding of risk.

Risk Insight

Risk insight through research is central to Lloyd’s commitment to be a market where entrepreneurialism and innovation will thrive, underpinned by robust risk and performance management.

Here you will find reports commissioned by Lloyd’s which examine emerging risks and key issues in the understanding of risk, together with details of the Lloyd’s emerging risks team.

Autonomous Vehicles: Risks and opportunities in insurance

Recent headlines have been awash with stories of self-driving cars and futuristic flying devices. Visions of unmanned and autonomous machines are not new, however.

Experiments with unmanned aircraft began in the First World War, and a radio controlled car was demonstrated in the streets of New York in 1925.Nevertheless, recent years have seen considerable progress towards the goal of autonomous and unmanned vehicles.

Such vehicles are an applied use of increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence and robotics capabilities. These technological advances are allowing society to fundamentally reconsider the vehicles available to us, and the infrastructure which they are part of.

Lloyd's latest report Autonomous Vehicles - Handing Over Control looks at two major categories of autonomous and unmanned vehicles: (i) autonomous cars and (ii) unmanned aerial systems (UAS), as well as briefly considering other types of autonomous and unmanned vehicles. The development, as well as the commercial, public and consumer applications of these technologies will be considered, followed by the accompanying risks, and the foreseeable implications for insurers.

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Autonomous vehicles  pdf file
Autonomous vehicles: handing over control: risks and opportunities in insurance

Existing autonomous and unmanned technology is sophisticated and will continue to develop incrementally. This report looks at two major categories of...

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Autonomous vehicles - handing over control

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