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Risk Insight

Research reports focusing on emerging risks and understanding of risk.

Risk Insight

Risk insight through research is central to Lloyd’s commitment to be a market where entrepreneurialism and innovation will thrive, underpinned by robust risk and performance management.

Here you will find reports commissioned by Lloyd’s which examine emerging risks and key issues in the understanding of risk, together with details of the Lloyd’s emerging risks team.

American Security Project and Lloyd’s Host Risk Forum: Pathways to City Resilience in Washington, D.C.

On February 17, American Security Project, a nonpartisan national security think-tank, will host “Pathways to City Resilience,” a half-day event in partnership with Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist insurance market. The forum will bring together key policymakers, business leaders, risk managers and regulators to discuss how U.S. cities and institutions can build greater resilience and examine best practices in risk assessment, mitigation, adaptation and transfer.

This invite-only event follows the launch of the Lloyd’s City Risk Index, the first ever analysis of the potential impact of 18 catastrophic threats, both individually and collectively, on the GDP of 301 major cities around the world. The Index uses an innovative metric, GDP@Risk, to quantify the potential losses from one or more threats to a location’s projected ten-year economic output.

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Emerging Liability Risks: Harnessing big data analytics

Lloyd’s has published a report that shows how insurers can use big data to carry out more robust liability risk management.

The report – Emerging Liability Risks: Harnessing big data analytics – presents a new approach designed by liability catastrophe modelling company Praedicat Inc., and helps insurers tackle the four key challenges associated with understanding emerging liability risks:

  • Identification: recognising an emerging risk before it manifests as a loss or claim
  • Contextualisation: comparing the size of risks, both relative to other emerging risks and to previous risks
  • Projection: converting an emerging risk from the context in which it is identified, such as scientific literature, into an exposure-relevant context, such as companies and portfolios
  • Quantification: estimating the expected loss from an emerging risk

The report is part of Lloyd’s on-going research into different ways of reducing uncertainty in this area.


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City Risk Index

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