Open Market QA Tool

The Open Market QA Tool provides a reference to all the Lloyd’s contract quality requirements for open market business prior to being bound.

Open Market QA Tool Version 7.4

How does the Open Market QA Tool work?

Using the drop-down boxes, select the criteria relevant to the contract you are checking. You will need to make selections from all the drop-down boxes: this is to ensure that you are provided with all relevant requirements.

If the class of business you require is not listed please refer to the Risk code mappings and descriptions.

If you have trouble working out the location of a risk or need to find out how to handle a multi-jurisdiction policy please refer to Establishing Risk Location.

Once you submit your selection you will be provided with a complete set of requirements applicable to your contract.


Open Market QA Tool Check Changes

Version 7.4

Open Market Download Version

Version 7.4

Important information

The Open Market QA Tool is intended to assist experienced market practitioners to check that slips contain the relevant Contract Certainty, Tax & Regulatory, Lloyd's Advisory & Risk Management information in line with the new contract format.

For technology issues and general queries contact:



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