Business Timetable

Lloyd's business timetable provides information on the regulatory and franchisor deadlines that apply to the Lloyd's market including deadline dates, descriptions and links to any relevant market bulletins

1 October 2018

* Deadlines marked with an asterisk are provisional dates

  • Mon 1
  • Tue 2
    • Syndicate Business Planning *
      Managing agents listed in group 2 to submit final 2018 syndicate business forecast (SBF) for syndicates 1 by 1pm, via core market return website. If Board sign-off is not included, this should be provided to CPG secretariat by 13 September Group 1: Syndicate with spread member capital and Managing Agents with Special Purpose Arrangements (SPA), Syndicates with member consolidation requirements and Managing Agents with multiple syndicates – where at least one is required to submit on 6th Sept to Group 2: Syndicates with dedicated single member corporate capital Syndicate Business Planning *
    • Exposure Management and Reinsurance *
      Managing agents in Group 2 to submit: LCM Forecast return; SBF War NCBR data return; Catastrophe-Risk Sensitivity Test; LCM/LCR Analysis of change return; via ‘Lloyd's Catastrophe Model’ SecureStore, within the ‘CPG 2018’ folder. Exposure Management and Reinsurance *
    • LCR *
      Managing Agents to submit the final Lloyd's Capital Return (LCR) pro forma for syndicates that did not meet the criteria to submit by 13 September. The LCR submission should be made via the Core Market Returns site by 1pm and include the following: a full pro forma based on the final 2018 Syndicate Business Forecast (SBF) submission; the SCR methodology and assumptions documentation; the supplementary questionnaire; plus the analysis of change document. LCR *
  • Wed 3
    • Syndicate reporting
      Complaints team will request a sample of Summary Resolution Communications issued in the previous quarter to be reviewed in accordance with the UK Complaints Handling Code with a two week deadline for response. Syndicate reporting
  • Thu 4
    • Syndicate reporting
      Managing Agents to submit the model change template report for each syndicate under management to at the time as the LCR submission is required i.e. 13 September or 4 October Syndicate reporting
    • Syndicate reporting
      Complaints team will request confirmation from Managing Agents that all complaints relating to policyholders have been notified to Lloyd’s under the Complaints Handling Code with a two week deadline for response. Syndicate reporting
  • Fri 5
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