Business Timetable

Lloyd's business timetable provides information on the regulatory and franchisor deadlines that apply to the Lloyd's market including deadline dates, descriptions and links to any relevant market bulletins

27 March 2017

* Deadlines marked with an asterisk are provisional dates

  • Mon 27
  • Tue 28
  • Wed 29
    • Syndicate reporting *
      Managing Agents to submit to PMD Related Parties Disclosure template Syndicate reporting *
    • Distribution
      Members' agents submit agent expense (AE) data files to Market Services Distribution
  • Thu 30
    • Solvency
      Solvency date by which all non-life actuarial reports supporting the UK solvency and US trust fund opinions must be submitted to the Lloyd's Actuary Solvency
    • Exposure Management and Reinsurance
      Managing Agents to submit Realistic Disaster Scenario (RDS) return as at 1 January 2017 including Supplementary Information by MIDDAY. This return is via CMR. Exposure Management and Reinsurance
  • Fri 31
    • French office *
      Submission of completed syndicate medical malpractice legal liability return to Lloyd’s France French office *
    • Minimum Standards *
      Managing Agents to submit Attestation of Compliance with the Minimum Standards for each syndicate under management to Minimum Standards *
    • Syndicate reporting *
      Managing agents to submit annual ORSA Report Return for each syndicate under management to Syndicate reporting *
    • Declaration of compliance
      Deadline for Members Agents to submit declaration of compliance Declaration of compliance
    • Syndicate reporting
      Managing Agents to send annual and underwriting year accounts to members. Syndicate reporting
    • Syndicate reporting
      Quarterly Model Change Report Submission Due Syndicate reporting
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