> Business Timetable

Lloyd's business timetable provides information on the regulatory and franchisor deadlines that apply to the Lloyd's market including deadline dates, descriptions and links to any relevant market bulletins

> Overseas Reporting Forms

The Overseas Reporting team are responsible for ensuring that regulatory returns in respect of business written in certain territories outside of the United Kingdom are filed accurately and on time. Part of this process requires information from managing agents and below are forms that can be downloaded for completion before submitting them via our mailbox.

> Quality Assurance Tools

The Quality Assurance (QA) Tools provide experienced market specialists with periodic updates and prompts on contract quality requirements for open market and binding authority contracts.

> Crystal

Crystal provides Lloyd's market participants with quick and easy access to international regulatory and taxation requirements.

> Establishing Risk Location

This section provides guidance on what to consider when identifying the locations of risk for regulatory and tax purposes.

> Lloyd's Wordings Repository

If you're an underwriter, wordings technician, or broker, you know that all the terms and conditions of an insurance contract - including policy wordings - need to be certain before policy inception.

> Binding Authority Registration (BAR)

The Binding Authority Registration website is an online market system for brokers and managing agents for the registration of Lloyd's binding authorities.

> Member Modelling Software

The Member Modelling Software enables members' agents, managing agents and members to model participations and establish Economic Capital Assessment (ECA) requirements.

> Secure Store

Lloyd’s Secure Store is a secure web-based facility that allows Lloyd’s Market users to exchange files with Lloyd’s Corporation