> Market data and intelligence

Following the creation of the new franchise structure, Lloyd’s worked with the market to create various tools and reports.

> Options for Mid-Year Underwriting Increases

This section provides guidance to Managing Agents regarding available options when seeking mid-year increases to their managed syndicates' underwriting, particularly in the context of an anticipated improvement in underwriting conditions that may follow a market changing event.

> Settlement dates

The following content is intended to be used to ascertain valid settlement dates for payments in one of Lloyd’s agreed 14 settlement currencies.

> Managing agents dealing with non-Lloyd's brokers

Lloyd's worked with the LMA to provide this practical guidance for managing agents in respect of dealing with non-Lloyd's brokers.

> Lloyd's Standard Agency Agreements

Lloyd's standard Managing Agent's Agreement, Members' Agent's Agreement and Agent's Agreement are available to be downloaded online.

> Lloyd's Emergency Trading Protocols

Information on Lloyd's Emergency Trading Protocols