> Lloyd's Open Form (LOF)

LOF provides a regime for determining the amount of remuneration to be awarded to salvors for their services in saving property at sea and minimising or preventing damage to the environment.

> LOF statistics: Lloyd's Open Form Report 2015

This report contains all LOF cases reported to Lloyd's Salvage Arbitration Branch from 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2013.

> Salvage security

How to provide salvage security; guarantees and cash deposits.


Information about SCOPIC, introduced in 1999, to be used in conjunction with Lloyd's Form of Salvage Agreement. Download the SCOPIC Clause, its appendices, Codes of Conduct, guarantee wording, and access the list of Special Casualty Representatives (SCRs).

> Fixed Cost Arbitration Procedure (FCAP)

Details of the Fixed Cost Arbitration Procedure (FCAP), which limits the costs of arbitration in certain circumstances.

> LOF photo gallery

Pictures showing examples of Lloyd's Open Form (LOF) cases.

> Archive Documents

Below are documents which have been replaced by up-dated versions on the main pages.