> Licences & global trading information

Find information on where Lloyd’s is licensed to underwrite business and access Lloyd's global trading tools.

> Sanctions & financial crime

Find information on active and pending legislation regarding financial crime, international sanctions and regulatory risk.

> Global contracts guidance

Information about global contracts and how to place them at Lloyd's.

> Complaints

It is Lloyd's policy that all complaints should be handled quickly, fairly and in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority. View Lloyd's complaints handling arrangements.

> Lloyd's Acts and Byelaws

The Lloyd's Acts and the Byelaws and Underwriting Requirements made by the Franchise Board are available here.

> Advance consents

Advance consents reduce the administrative burden on managing agents. Instead of managing agents having to apply to Lloyd’s for certain permissions, Lloyd’s gives “advance consent” provided the managing agent meets specific conditions.

> Lloyd's trust deeds

Lloyd’s premiums trust deeds, overseas business regulatory deposit trust deeds and funds at Lloyd's trust deeds are available online.