The service is provided by two competing third party service providers; Xchanging and Crawford, both of whom will operate under upper quartile service level agreements.

It will be of significant benefit to the market, offering an enhanced cost efficient claims experience  for handling non-complex claims. Ten Lloyd’s managing agents have been involved in the design and implementation of VCS.


It is part of the end vision of the CTP to enhance the Lloyd’s markets reputation for fast and fair claims handling. During 2012 the CIB explored the possibility of leveraging the market’s scale to centrally procure a cost effective, high performing, shared market service for outsourcing low value, high volume claims.

What is the Volume Claims Service?

The Volume Claims Service is a delegated lead adjusting service for the handling of non-complex claims across all claims schemes. Two third party service providers, Crawford and Xchanging, will offer the service in its first year of operation and will compete on service, quality and price.

Why a Volume Claims Service?

One consequence of CTP is increased pressure on highly skilled adjusting teams as they absorb additional tasks. The market wished to test the proposition that an outsourced Volume Claims Service (VCS) could improve customer service for claims handling by implementing a cost effective, outsourced service for handling low value, high volume claims to a standard that is consistently higher than Lloyd’s Claims Management Principles and Minimum Standards.

Despite representing 85% of claims volume in the market, these are comparatively low value claims, representing just 15% of claims by value. Under the VCS, speed will be comparable to the Lloyd’s markets top quartile performers, and the VCS SLA for cumulative lead response time is 48 working hours.

A secondary goal of the VCS is to support greater focus within managing agencies on the quality of claims handling for complex claims and mitigate the impact of CTP.

Are there any major technology implications to enable the service?

No. To enable the service, two new VCS specific values have been added to the ‘Triage Category’ field on the Claim Agreement Screens (CAS). These new values will flow through other areas within ECF2 infrastructure such as Claim Workflow Triggers (CWT), Claim Workflow System (CWS) and Claim Data Warehouse (CDW).

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For more information, please contact the Lloyd’s CTP project team on + (0)20 7327 5900 or or the service providers as outlined above.


For more information on the service offered by each service provider, please contact:


Richard Day
+44 (0)20 7265 4014

Kerry Rainer
+44 (0)20 7553 0595


To find out more about the Volume Claims Service at Lloyd's, contact: 

Tim Lovick 
+ 44 (0)20 7327 5221

Paper-to-ECF Scanning Service

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