This discretionary service is funded by Lloyd’s and is provided by Triton Claims in partnership with DocuLand. As well as scanning the paper claim file, the market has the option of outsourcing the creation of the first electronic transaction if a broker, or the authorisation of the first transaction if a managing agent.

Paper-to-ECF Scanning Service

The Paper-to-ECF Scanning Service to convert those paper claims to electronic claims is live. To find out more or to register for the service click the link to visit the Scanning Service page.

  • Service Overview

    In order to fully realise the benefits of both electronic claims handling and the streamlined agreement process, Lloyd’s was requested to investigate the creation of a central service to convert paper Legacy claims to ECF, since paper claim files comprise roughly half of the Legacy claim volume. Lloyd’s has now procured this service which will be available from 1 June 2014.

    The service will be discretionary, allowing brokers and lead managing agents to select which paper claims they wish to convert to ECF depending on the nature and anticipated lifespan of each claim.

    The service will be funded by Lloyd’s.

    Following extensive market consultation and a tender process, Triton Claims (formally Devonshire Claims Services) and DocuLand in partnership were selected as preferred service providers.

    DocuLand will be responsible for the collection of paper files from Xchanging Claims Services (XCS), the scanning and upload of files to a secure document repository (FileLand) and the delivery of the paper files back to XCS.

    Triton Claims, if given a log-in to ECF by the relevant broker or managing agent, will be responsible for creating and authorising the ECF transitional transaction. Triton Claims will also assist DocuLand in handling any exceptions which may occur.

  • Criteria for in scope claims

    For a paper file to be eligible for the scanning service the claim file must be in scope for ECF and there must be  agreement between the broker and lead managing agent for conversion on a file by file basis.

  • Training Material

    As part of the service, scanned documents will be placed onto a secure document repository (FileLand) by the service providers for brokers to retrieve these and then load to ECF.

    For an outline of how the paper claim file scanning service will operate for the Lloyd’s market please refer to the Paper-to-ECF Scanning Service Guide. This guide includes a detailed description of the Scanning & ECF processes and the service levels expected from the service providers.

    For guidance on how to navigate FileLand please refer to the FileLand User Guide.

    For further training material on how to navigate FileLand use the below links to access training videos;

    Search Function

    User Function

    Superuser Function

  • Documentation

    Registration Forms

    Secure Portal Broker Registration Form: Applicable to Lloyd’s brokers who are creating the ECF transaction in-house

    Broker – ECF Transaction Authorisation Form: Applicable to Lloyd's brokers who wish to outsource ECF creation to Triton Claims.

    Managing Agent – ECF Transaction Authorisation Form: Only applicable to managing agents who wish to delegate the agreement of the ‘transitional’ ECF transaction to Triton Claims. If you wish to perform this role yourself then no registration is required.

    Pro Forma Template

    Paper to ECF Pro Forma

    Paper to ECF Pro Forma (in MS Word format)

    Quick Reference Guides

    Broker Quick Reference Guide

    Managing Agent Quick Reference Guide

  • Contact the CTP team

    If you have any question regarding the CTP Scanning Service please contact the project team on:

    t: +44 (0)20 7327 5900