Claims at Lloyd's

Lloyd's Claims team is designed to work in partnership with the Lloyd's market to enhance our customers' experience and maximise long-term financial success. Drawing on traditional Lloyd's strengths of innovation, expertise and communication, this partnership is equipped to reach new levels of claims performance.

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Claims Transformation Programme

The vision of the Claims Transformation Programme is to:

  • Build upon Lloyd’s reputation for fast and fair claims handling.
  • Establish claims within the market on a par with underwriting - the idea that claims should no longer be viewed as a “back office” activity with the competence of practitioners be pushed to the fore.
  • The desire to strive for excellence in claims handling to set us apart from our competitors.

Lloyd's Claims Transformation Programme 

Lloyd's Claims Scheme

To support the efficient handling of claims in a subscription market, Lloyd’s operates a Claims Scheme which sets out principles and arrangements for the determination of every claim made on policies underwritten by two or more syndicates (with some limited exceptions). Since the first Lloyd’s Claim Scheme in 1991, a number of different schemes have been implemented.

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Claims Performance Management

The team monitors the market’s performance against Lloyd’s Claims Management Principles and Minimum Standards. The team is also responsible for the identification, assessment and the coordination of the market-level response to emerging risks, escalating both syndicate specific and market-wide issues where appropriate within the Lloyd’s Performance Management framework.

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Claims Practitioners Programme

The future of Claims at Lloyd’s depends on the quality of its managers and leaders. The Claims Practitioners Programme is designed specifically for the Lloyd’s Market and its content is contextually aligned to the challenges and issues facing claims practitioners operating in the Market today.

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