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Information about SCOPIC, introduced in 1999, to be used in conjunction with Lloyd's Form of Salvage Agreement. Download the SCOPIC Clause, its appendices, Codes of Conduct, guarantee wording, and access the list of Special Casualty Representatives (SCRs).


Article 14 of the 1989 Salvage Convention ('Article 14') provided that salvors ('Contractors') could receive Special Compensation (ie their expenses and a fair rate for tugs and equipment used in salvage operations) in certain circumstances where the salved fund was insufficient to allow them to recover adequate remuneration under Article 13 of the Salvage Convention 1989 ('Article 13'). The SCOPIC clause endorsed this concept but introduced a tariff to calculate the Contractor's Special Compensation together with an uplift fixed at 25%. Traditional Article 13 Awards will be discounted by 25% of the amount by which any Article 13 Award exceeds the SCOPIC remuneration. Special Casualty Representatives (SCR) and Representatives for hull and cargo were introduced and marine property underwriters' access to information about the services was improved.

To view details of SCOPIC cases access Salvage Cases

SCOPIC clause

Click below to view the SCOPIC Clause, its appendices, two Codes of Conduct and guarantee wording. If you require a copy of Adobe Acrobat to view the documents below, please visit the Adobe website. 

Special Casualty Representative (SCR)

Access the documents below for further information on the role of the Special Casualty Representative.

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