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Manager as a career coach

Fifty percent of employees will look for interesting or meaningful work in their next job. Not a promotion, or their manager’s job; not large financial rewards, but a role that works for them. Although most understand that they need to own their career, it is up to the organisation to be clear on its business strategy and the skill sets needed. Managers play a critical role as enablers of career mobility. They have the practical responsibility for aligning employees’ aspirations to the changing demands of the business. Managers are the link in helping individuals understand what he or she does well and what they need to do to adapt. It is therefore critical for managers to be fully equipped to have meaningful career conversations.

This workshop will provide you with a clear understanding of the business imperative for career mobility, and demonstrate how, by conducting regular career conversations, you can motivate retain and upskill your team members to deliver our strategic vision.

In a nutshell the manager as career coach workshop will:

  • Develop your skills to have courageous and meaningful career conversations with team members
  • Provide you with practical tools to support your team members in making informed career decisions and take a proactive approach to their own career mobility
  • Help you prepare for career conversations with your team members
  • Build your confidence through skills practice 

  • The changing work context and the role of managers in the ‘human age'
  • What career coaching is and roles in the process
  • Six areas in career coaching methodology
  • Preparing for meaningful career conversations
  • Conducting career coaching conversations using GROW
  • Common career conversation challenges 

Once you have registered to attend the workshop, you will be sent a link to the RightEverywhere® Career Management portal. You will have access to a wide range of online tools, including self-awareness activities, learning from change, values and drivers, key strengths, behaviours and preferences. Each activity leads to a downloadable and printable PDF report which you can review and reflect upon. The portal will provide you with not only the opportunity to reflect on your personal strengths and career aspirations it will also enable you to see the resources your direct reports attending the career management workshop have access to.

£150 per participant.

Please direct any questions to Isabel Pratt at