Society and security

Globalisation is driving unprecedented economic growth. Social, political and economic forces are creating new risk exposures through faster and wider global connectivity.

A new Lloyd's 360 Risk Insight report examines the growing risks to business around securing reliable and sustainable future energy supplies

360 Energy Security Report  

This report looks at exploring opportunities in microinsurance

Insuracne in Developing Countries  

Lloyd’s and NATO examine how businesses can manage emerging risks.


This latest report explores corporate risk attitudes around the world

Global Business Leaders  

This latest report looks at managing political risk during the recession.

Political Instability Thumb  

The second of two short reports looking at how business leaders can prepare for emerging risks

Treacherous Waters Thumbs  

This report examines current and future litigation risks.

Litigation and Business thumb  

Consideration of the impact the next pandemic could have on the insurance industry.

Pandemic Report  

In the first of its two short reports, Lloyd’s analyses the emerging risks facing global businesses today.

Global Business Under Attack FT  

This report focuses on the risk of terrorism in Southeast Asia and what businesses can do to respond

Terrorism In Asia  



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