Society and security

Globalisation is driving unprecedented economic growth. Social, political and economic forces are creating new risk exposures through faster and wider global connectivity.

Exploring crop (re)insurance risk in India

Preliminary findings on developing new products that combine incentives for resilience with risk transfer

This report, published with Arup, looks at how to improve the ability of cities and their infrastructure to withstand and recover from disasters.

The transition to a low carbon economy

This Lloyd’s report, part of its Emerging Risk report series, investigates the conditions that enable political violence contagion – outbreaks of sub-state political violence triggering similar events across the international system – and presents a practical approach that may better equip insurers to assess this emerging risk

Political violence contagion report  

Lloyd’s has published a new Emerging Risks report that investigates the potential for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapons use by non-state actors.

Use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Weapons by Non-State Actors  

The threat of cyber attack reaches every part of modern society, and insurance could have an important role to play in helping organisations to manage their cyber risk exposure. However, there is a significant level of uncertainty attached to the impact of severe events. Lloyd’s has published a research report that aims to contribute to the knowledge base required to develop the next generation of insurance solutions for the digital age.

This report is intended to help underwriters operating in the Lloyd’s market identify previously unconsidered food security impacts on insurance and risk.

Food System Shock report  

This report sheds light on the risks associated with food insecurity and issues arising from food safety. It also examines the risks and opportunities associated with food for businesses and examines the implications for the insurance industry.


A new Lloyd's 360 Risk Insight report outlines the implications of Globalisation in an increasingly interconnected world.

Globalisation Report  



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