Lloyd’s is committed to improving the experience of our website for market participants and stakeholders. Feedback tells us that whilst our website is a central resource of information for many of you, at times it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.


As a result, in summer 2017 we began a project to review the navigation and structure of Lloyds.com from a user perspective. Over 250 stakeholders from across the world took part in user-testing to help us understand how the site should be structured and what terminology should be used. This has resulted in a new structure for the website, which has now been implemented.


So what’s changed?

  • We’ve created a two tier navigation to separate general content and market-specific information.

  • Policyholder information and events information have been moved from the sub navigation to the top navigation due to the popularity of this content.

  • Market directories are now accessible directly from the main navigation. We recognise that it’s important for you to be able to find out who operates in the market and have therefore increased the visibility of this section.

  • Tools and systems now have their own section and are accessible from the main navigation. A key finding from the research is that tools are one of the main reasons for using the site; making them easy to access helps speed up that process.

  • Market resources houses content and information for the market, with the structure informed by how real users grouped content during our research. We have removed unnecessary duplication and flattened the content to reduce the number of clicks needed to reach pages.

  • Information about our global offices and how they operate can now be accessed via the main navigation.

Helping you to find content

We understand that it may take a while for you to get used to the new structure. To help you navigate the new layout, we have set up redirects for all pages that have been moved. This means that if you have a bookmark saved for specific content, you will be redirected to its new location automatically.


Using the search functionality should also help you if you are unable to locate the information you are looking for.


And if you’re really stuck and can’t find where the content has been moved to, please contact Lauren Cable in the first instance and she will direct your enquiry to the relevant person: lauren.cable@lloyds.com.


What’s next?

We continuously work to update the functionality of our website. Some other things for you to look out for later this year:

  • updated designs for our news and event pages

  • more interactive content across the site

  • more video content

  • advanced search functionality.