What is the Lloyd's Lab?

We are launching the Lloyd’s Lab to help the Lloyd's market innovate and thrive in our increasingly digital, data-driven world.  

Coming in the second half of 2018 the Lloyd’s Lab will focus predominantly on designing technology-driven solutions to meet the unique and rapidly changing needs of the Lloyd’s market. The Lab will enable new concepts, ideas and products to be tested in a fast-track, fast-fail environment with the support and active involvement of Lloyd’s market participants. 

Embedded in the heart of the Lloyd’s building, the Lab will bring in creative talent from around the world to address innovation challenges set by the market.

How will it work?

  • What will the lab focus on?

    Lloyd's Lab participants will work to address challenges that deliver tangible benefits for the market such as:

    • Premium growth
    • Reduced expenses
    • Improved premium retention
    • Improved claims experience
    • Improved understanding of risk landscape
    • Equity growth
    • Culture, engagement & talent
    • Brand awareness
    • Reduced cost of change


  • Who can apply?

    Lloyd's Lab is open to applications from entrepreneurs, early and growth stage companies operating in the InsurTech space worldwide. Participants in the Lab will receive mentorship and guidance with the chance to trial and integrate their innovative technologies, products or solutions.

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