While Lloyd’s believes that the vast majority of Lloyd’s policyholders will have a positive experience dealing with Lloyd’s Managing Agents and their representatives it is inevitable that some complaints will arise. Where that is the case, policyholders should expect to have their complaint dealt with promptly and in a reasonable way.

Evidence of an adequate complaints handling process in place now forms part of the Coverholder application process.

For applicable territories, please advise who will be handling complaints. Lloyd's has implemented arrangements for the oversight of international complaints in all territories and details of the countries specific information can be found on the international complaints guidance section here. If the sponsoring Managing Agent is to handle complaints, please provide the Coverholders current complaints policy including a section relating to Lloyd’s business and details of who to contact at the Managing Agent. Where the Coverholder is to handle complaints, please refer to the Lloyd’s complaints page for territory specific guidance and time frames.

Complaints Handling

Creating a Procedure for UK Complaints Final 

  • eLearning Training Modules

    There are two versions of the module, the first ‘Assisting Eligible Complainants’ is for coverholders and TPA’s that have authority to handle complaints from UK policyholders whereas the second ‘Identifying Eligible Complainants’ is for those that do not have complaint handling authority but do interact with UK policyholders.  

    Please provide the relevant link below to those coverholders and TPAs that you wish to undertake this training, giving consideration to whether it is more appropriate for this communication to be sent via the broker or direct to the coverholder.   When the coverholder and TPA sign-up for the training, they will receive both modules and you are therefore required to advise them which module they should complete when providing them with the link, they should not complete both modules. 

    Note that where individuals have already registered for the Conduct training, they will not need to sign up again as this module will automatically be available within their profile.


    Coverholders should use the following link:

    eLearning for Coverholders

    Please note coverholders are required to enter their PIN, they will not be able to complete the registration process without this.


    TPAs should use the following link:

    eLearning for TPAs

    Once TPAs have been issued with a PIN, they will be required to enter this to complete the registration process but this is not yet required.

    Managing Agents and Others

    Managing agents and all other users should continue to use link:

    eLearning for Managing Agents and others

    Lloyd’s Delegated Authority team are currently working on making  reports available to managing agents to show which of their coverholders and TPAs have completed the training but until this is available, please email your request to complaints-enquiries@lloyds.com with details of the coverholders and TPAs for which you require this information.