Taxation Bulletins

Please note that Market Bulletins are not updated after they have been published and therefore in time may not reflect up to date tax legislation, guidance or tax authority practice. Market Bulletins are intended as guidance and should not be relied on as an alternative to seeking tax advice specific to the facts of any particular situation. Nothing contained in Market Bulletins was intended or was written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed under the tax code of any tax jurisdiction.

Taxation News
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Date Title Category
01/06/2017 Y5097 - Consolidated Taxation Advices – 2014 Year of Account General
19/04/2017 Y5085 - 2017 Canadian Income Tax Returns Canada
31/05/2013 Y4699 Consolidated Taxation Advices - 2010 Year of Account General
01/06/2012 Y4697 St Lucia Revised premium tax handling procedures St Lucia
28/05/2013 Y4696 Certificates of residency update General
26/04/2013 Y4692 - 2013 Canadian Income Tax Returns General
04/04/2013 Y4689 Completion of United States Syndicate information statements United States
12/03/2013 Y4681 Lloyd's dollar trust funds United States
21/12/2012 Y4658 Certificates of residency General
20/12/2012 Y4657 Hungary Introduction to Insurance Premium Tax update Hungary
07/12/2012 Y4646 Changes to Canadian Tax Arrangements for Canadian Securities at Citibank Canada
26/10/2012 Y4629 Hungary introduction to insurance premium tax Hungary
31/07/2012 Y4611 - FATCA (foreign account tax compliance act) General
06/07/2012 Y4605 St Kitts & Nevis - revised premium tax handling procedures St Lucia
01/06/2012 Y4596 Manitoba Canada Introduction of retail sales tax Canada
14/11/2011 Y4532 Ireland Introduction of New Insurance Compensation Fund Levy on Insurance premiums Ireland
25/09/2011 Y4518 Update clarification of Part X111 of the Canadian IC Act Implemetation of AIF Signing Process Canada
08/09/2011 Y4514 Australia Victoria revised stamp duty handling procedures Australia
07/07/2011 Y4503 Federal Excise Tax Indemnity Clause in reinsurance contracts United States
01/06/2011 Y4496_Consolidated Taxation Advices 2008 Year of Account General
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