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Please note that Market Bulletins are not updated after they have been published and therefore in time may not reflect up to date tax legislation, guidance or tax authority practice. Market Bulletins are intended as guidance and should not be relied on as an alternative to seeking tax advice specific to the facts of any particular situation. Nothing contained in Market Bulletins was intended or was written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed under the tax code of any tax jurisdiction.

Taxation News
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Date Title Category
16/01/2001 Y2465 - VAT incurred on claims from services supplied from within the UK VAT
27/03/2001 Y2507 - Lloyd's VAT arrangements VAT
13/09/2001 Y2609 - VAT treatment of services provided by LPSO VAT
24/09/2001 Y2617 - VAT treatment of services provided by LPSO: update VAT
21/07/2002 Y2837 - VAT on members' agents services: tribunal decision VAT
11/09/2002 Y2870 - VAT on members' agents services and Lloyd's members subscriptions VAT
06/04/2003 Y3032 - VAT on members' agents services: repayments to members VAT
23/12/2003 Y3227 - Syndicate VAT accounting: change to procedures VAT
21/01/2004 Y3237 - Updated Lloyd's VAT arrangements VAT
04/04/2004 Y3285 - VAT: managing agents returns VAT
19/06/2000 Y2324 - Lloyd's reinsurances - US federal excise tax (ceded) United States
07/08/2000 Y2356 - Lloyd's reinsurances - US federal excise tax (ceded) - AMENDMENT United States
02/12/2002 Y2927 - Lloyd's reinsurances - US federal excise tax (ceded) United States
30/03/2003 Y3021 - US tax reporting: arrangements for syndicates holding funds United States
29/09/2003 Y3151 - Lloyd's reinsurances (ceded) - US federal excise tax (FET) United States
05/12/2003 Y3200 - US federal excise tax (FET) - reinsurance ceded by syndicates and members United States
15/12/2003 Y3211 - US taxation: Election to stay within old US-UK Double Taxation Treaty United States
11/10/2004 Y3407 - US tax: Qualifying for the benefits of the new US-UK tax treaty from 1 January, 2005 United States
03/03/2005 Y3508 - US federal income tax: 2005 tax process United States
10/11/2005 Y3668 - US Tax Corporate Members’ Eligibility for Treaty Benefits United States
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