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Please note that Market Bulletins are not updated after they have been published and therefore in time may not reflect up to date tax legislation, guidance or tax authority practice. Market Bulletins are intended as guidance and should not be relied on as an alternative to seeking tax advice specific to the facts of any particular situation. Nothing contained in Market Bulletins was intended or was written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed under the tax code of any tax jurisdiction.

Taxation News
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Date Title Category
07/10/2001 Y2625 - Corporation tax treatment of syndicate capacity General
24/09/2001 Y2617 - VAT treatment of services provided by LPSO: update VAT
20/09/2001 Y2614 - Australia - insurance protection tax Australia
20/09/2001 Y2613 - Leeds (underwriters unit) - change of name General
19/09/2001 Y2611 - New tax rules on general insurance reserves: information requirements General
13/09/2001 Y2609 - VAT treatment of services provided by LPSO VAT
23/08/2001 Y2602 - Australia - insurance protection tax Australia
07/08/2001 Y2594 - Premium taxes - central taxes system General
04/07/2001 Y2575 - tax change in Australia Australia
03/06/2001 Y2556 - Exchange rate adjustments General
03/06/2001 Y2557 - Lloyd's reinsurances - US Federal Excise Tax (ceded) General
07/05/2001 Y2543 - Inheritance tax - business property relief General
27/03/2001 Y2507 - Lloyd's VAT arrangements VAT
14/02/2001 Y2484 - Members' tax on Japanese business General
13/02/2001 Y2483 - Double taxation relief for non-resident members General
12/02/2001 Y2482 - Income tax relief for members underwriting before 1972 General
16/01/2001 Y2465 - VAT incurred on claims from services supplied from within the UK VAT
19/12/2000 Y2440 - North America - 2001 levy Canada
23/11/2000 Y2419 - Canada: changes to procedure for payment of the levy and reporting for non - "Scheme Canada" direct business Canada
23/11/2000 Y2420 - Canada: procedures for processing non-"Scheme Canada" direct and reinsurance business Canada
Showing: 141 to 160
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