Lloyd's Global Development Centre Vikas MahajanWe will be hearing from previous GDC programme participants to see what they found useful from attending a programme, what positive business impacts they experienced and to reveal some of the unexpected benefits of finding out exactly how Lloyd's works and more.

Vikas Mahajan MBA ACII CPCU is Assistant General Manager with J.B. Boda & Co (Singapore). He attended the first Worldwide Programme in October 2014. His experience covers Treaty and Facultative reinsurance, exposure to growing markets like SAARC, ASEAN and the Middle East, and he has a special interest in Aviation, Energy and Terrorism classes of business.

Which GDC programme did you participate in and when / where was it?

Lloyd’s Worldwide Programme in October 2014 which took place in London.

What did you initially find most valuable or memorable?

I think what I found most valuable was the depth and range of Lloyd’s as a market and also finding out more about new product development initiatives. What I found most memorable was the time spent with fellow participants (and the GDC team!) during sessions and networking over drinks / meals.

Looking back, what from the programme did you find most useful over the longer-term?

There are probably two things that I found most useful: learning that innovation is the key to stay ahead of the competition and also seeing how contact with the end user / clients pays off in the long run.

Have there been any new connections / opportunities that have come out of the time you spent in London?

Yes I’ve definitely made new connections, particularly with the other delegates from different regions around the world.

What would you want to find out more about now?

What I’d really like to explore is how can SME brokers maintain continuity of relationships and improve their visibility amongst the Lloyd’s underwriting community.

Have you had more contact with Lloyd’s?

Yes I have, especially with the regional hubs in Singapore and the new platform in Dubai.

What are the biggest challenges that Lloyd’s could help address in your region or with placing risks?

I think that there are three challenges which stand out to me. Firstly, I think Lloyd’s could help address the fact that it is a global marketplace and there is a world out there beyond London: the ‘horses for courses’ approach does pay off.

Secondly, I think that Lloyd’s as a market can facilitate professionalism, especially in developing markets where larger players do not necessarily invest big at the outset.

Thirdly, I think Lloyd’s could really empower brokers through more knowledge-sharing opportunities so that they themselves can act as ‘filters’ and ease the workload on underwriters.

How can you get involved?

In 2017 we will be delivering two Worldwide programmes, one in May and one in October, both for senior decision makers in the insurance industry (brokers, [re]insurers, risk managers) and with focuses on different classes of business / topics. Full details will be available online in early 2017 and you should contact the Lloyd's Country Manager or Representative in your country / territory to see if you are eligible to attend.

Share your experiences

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