Lloyd’s Capacity Auctions

Notification to the auction office

The following disclosure notices have been posted on the lloyds.com website since Auction Newsletter no four was published on 3 October 2014:

D2014014 to D2014016

These notices are available on the disclosure section of the capacity website.

Auction 3 – reminder of dates/times

Auction 3 will be held on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 October 2014.

The Auction system will be open for bid submission at the following times:

Tuesday (Day 1) from 9am until 1pm

Wednesday (Day 2) from 10am until 2pm


Bid Staging & Submission

The auction office has opened Auction 3 for Issuers to prepare and stage their bids from today ahead of the live auction being opened at 9am on Tuesday.

If you have any problems accessing the system, please contact the auction office as follows:


Auction Office contact details:


Sally Dunning 01634 392486 or Graham Bonner 01634 392056

Pre-emption, de-emption, mergers and cessations

To review the current syndicate pre-emption & de-emption intentions for the 2015 year of account please click here.


The details given are of proposed pre-emptions and de-emptions, all of which are subject to approval by Lloyd’s Performance Management Directorate which is expected by 24 October 2014.

Please note: this is for information only. The necessary percentages/data on confirmed changes will be forwarded electronically by Lloyd’s Market Services to the relevant Members’ Agents to update their systems accordingly.