Asta Managing Agency Limited

Managing Agent Name:           ASTA MANAGING AGENCY LTD

Subject:                                      FOURTH AUCTION

Syndicate(s) Affected:             SYNDICATE 2526

Following the conclusion of the first three Auctions, AmTrust Corporate Capital Ltd (‘AmTrust’) has increased its participation in Syndicate 2526 for the 2015 year of account to 98.72% of the allocated capacity of that syndicate.

AmTrust has engaged in discussions with the Members’ Agents representing the remaining members. The outcome is that a number of the remaining members have expressed interest in disposing of their capacity in Auction 4 provided that permission was granted by Lloyd’s for Syndicate 2526 to participate in Auction 4.

Representations were made to Lloyd’s to allow Syndicate 2526 to participate in Auction 4. Lloyd’s have received confirmation from all of the Members’ Agents that they support the Syndicate being allowed to participate in Auction 4 and as a result the Auction Official has exercised his discretion and granted that permission.

Date issued:                             7 NOVEMBER 2014


Contact Information

Agency contact name:              SIMON NORTON

Agency contact no:                   +44 (0)20 7743 0900


DISCLAIMER: Lloyd's is not responsible for the content of any auction disclosures, and acts merely as publisher of information provided by managing agents. If you have any questions regarding the content, you should contact the relevant managing agent.



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