Asta Managing Agency Limited

Managing Agent Name:           ASTA MANAGING AGENCY LTD

Subject:                                        2015 YEAR OF ACCOUNT NOTICE

                                                       OF STAFF PRE-EMPTION


Syndicate(s) Affected:             D L DALE & OTHERS, SYNDICATE 2525


As members of the Syndicate will be aware, Tim Butcher will be joining the Syndicate with effect from 1st December 2014. Asta is therefore proposing a staff pre-emption.

The capacity which Asta is proposing to allocate to Mr Butcher has been set at £225,000. It is non-tradable and does not confer any voting rights on Mr Butcher.  The £225,000 is approximately 0.5% of the £42M aggregate capacity of the Syndicate.

Members’ consent for this staff pre-emption is being obtained in accordance with the Syndicate Pre-emption Byelaw (No. 19 of 1997).

Date issued: 29 September 2014

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Lorraine Harfitt

Agency contact no: + 44 (0)20 7743 0936


For auction office use only: D2014010

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