Asta Managing Agency Limited

Managing Agent Name: Asta Managing Agency Ltd

Subject: Auction Four Disclosure

Syndicate Affected: D.L. Dale & Others Syndicate 2525

The Syndicate has submitted a revised business plan (Syndicate Business Forecast, ‘SBF’) to Lloyd’s which is materially different from the one submitted on 12 September 2013 in the following respect.

1)   Whilst 2014 Syndicate Capacity remains unchanged at £42M, forecast Stamp Gross Premium (‘SGP’) for the 2014 Year of Account has increased to £41M to reflect the proposed inclusion of a Financial Institutions (FI) account for the 2014 YoA, subject to recruitment of an FI underwriter.

2)   Further details may be found in the revised 2014 SBF submission.

3)   The business plan has in principle approval from Lloyd’s, subject to recruitment of an FI underwriter.

Date issued:                                         7 November 2013


Contact Information

Agency contact name:                          Lorraine Harfitt

Agency contact no:                               + 44 (0)20 7743 0936


For auction office use only:                   D2013022


DISCLAIMER: Lloyd's is not responsible for the content of any auction disclosures, and acts merely as publisher of information provided by managing agents. If you have any questions regarding the content, you should contact the relevant managing agent.



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