Canopius Managing Agents Limited

Managing Agent Name: Canopius Managing Agents Limited

Subject: 2014 SBF

Syndicate Affected: 260

Canopius Managing Agents Limited (“CMA”) advises that, following Lloyd’s feedback on the July SBF submission regarding the forecast loss ratio and targeted premium growth, the September submission of the 2014 SBF forecasts a loss of £3.6m (up from £2.0m in the provisional July SBF).

CMA understands that Lloyd’s decision concerning the syndicate’s trading for the 2014 year of account, the approval of its SBF and any conditions attaching thereto, will not be advised until after 18 October 2013.

Members should be aware of this uncertainty when considering whether to participate in trading in Syndicate 260’s capacity in the Lloyd’s auctions.

Date issued: 20 September 2013

Contact Information
Agency contact name: Bradley Cass
Agency contact no: + 44 (0)20 7337 3798

For auction office use only: D2013013

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