• Is Chorus mandatory?

    As Chorus replaces the existing mandatory systems of ATLAS and BAR, those two elements will still be mandatory in order to place DA business through the Lloyd’s market.

    • Mandatory: Atlas replacement for coverholder approval, ongoing permissions and compliance

    • Mandatory: BAR replacement for registration of binding authority contracts

    • Optional: Contract builder functionality. If your broker opts to use the contract builder, you will be able to access the system to sign binding authority agreements.

  • When will Chorus be live?

    As we’re committed to delivering a quality product, the Chorus go-live date is dependent on a number of factors including the results of multiple, comprehensive rounds of market acceptance testing (MAT). The Chorus team recognises the importance of keeping all market partners up to date on progress and will continue to share project updates.

  • What happens to the data and documents already on ATLAS

    All data from Atlas and BAR will be migrated over to Chorus before it goes live. This means Atlas and BAR will no longer be accessible once Chorus is live. Most documents dated 1 January 2016 onwards (there are a few exceptions), will also be migrated to Chorus. This provides more than three years’ worth of historic documents. For older documents, more up-to-date documents may need to be uploaded onto Chorus.
  • Will there be a cost for me?

    There is no direct cost for coverholders to use Chorus.
  • What on-boarding support is available?

    There is a range of material including brochures, videos and training materials available There will also be a dedicated helpdesk you can contact and you will receive details for this during your on-boarding process. The Chorus on-boarding team is also here to support you throughout this process, contact coverholders@Lloyds.com.



  • What training is available?

    Dedicated coverholder Chorus training will be available, including video conference sessions where appropriate, video guides, user guides, quick reference guides and more.
  • What is Single Sign On (SSO) and is it relevant to me using Chorus?

    Coverholders will be able to log-in once to access Chorus and other related market platforms like DA SATS. Some coverholders have already subscribed to SSO but for those who haven’t, the details will be included in the agreements that you will sign as part of your Chorus on-boarding.
  • Can my broker still help me with applications, post approval and compliance?

    Yes, you can transfer an application, post approval change and annual compliance task to your Lloyd’s Broker if you still want them to help you complete the questions on the system. You will still need to sign the application first to confirm that all of the information is correct.

  • How will the annual compliance work on Chorus?

    Annual compliance due dates will automatically be aligned to the expiry of professional indemnity policies. Chorus will define the core information required, specific to each coverholder. Managing agents and brokers will then have the opportunity to add questions and request specific documents up to two months prior to the annual compliance due date. This process will be far more transparent than it is currently and will avoid duplicate requests.
  • Do I need to provide additional information for Chorus?

    As Chorus holds a more complete record of coverholder information than Atlas currently, you will be prompted for additional information, either as part of the annual compliance process or as part of post approval changes. However, this provides for a more streamlined end to end process.



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