It is the one-stop-shop for all data used across the Market Intelligence product range, available as an Excel spreadsheet to download.


  • The latest version, published on the 19th of December 2018, is available to download here (please note: files may take a few moments to download):

    FULL VERSION - for Lloyd's Managing Agents only (password protected):

        Compare Countries (Full Dataset & Excel Dashboards)

        Compare Countries (Full Dataset; data only version)

    REDUCED DATASET - for Lloyd's brokers only (password protected):

        Compare Countries (Reduced Dataset & Excel Dashboards)


  • The latest version, published on the 19th of December 2018, contains the following updates:



    • IFC & World bank - Doing Business
    • World Bank - Governance Indicators
    • World Bank - World Development Indicators
    • IMF - World Economic Outlook (October 2018)

  • The data in Compare Countries is updated on an ongoing basis through the year and, as a result, may differ from previously published Country Profiles and Market Presentations.

    For information on our Sources and Methodology, please consult the Compare Countries & Secure Store reference guide.

    Please contact us at :

    • to obtain the password for the managing agent and broker version;
    • to arrange a tailored surgery session to go through the tool, and obtain more granular data for Lloyd's and your syndicate;
    • to find out more about our other workstreams;
    • if you have any other questions.

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