The Charter

  • Champion diversity and inclusion in my organisation and be accountable for creating positive change
  • Promote good diversity and inclusion practice within my organisation and share learning with the rest of the Inclusion@Lloyd’s group
  • Commit to the collection and submission of data on the diversity of employees in my organization and our work around diversity and inclusion
  • Raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion within my organisation and the wider market
  • Support Inclusion@Lloyd’s with the development of diversity and inclusion best-practice guidance to aid participants in implementing the Charter
  • Submit an annual report on the progress and activity of my organisation around diversity and inclusion, to be used as part of a wider market-level report on the impact of the Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Benefits to Charter Signatories

  • High-profile public commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Opportunity to lead and shape the development of diversity and inclusion in the Lloyd’s market
  • Access to information, tools and examples of good practice from Inclusion@Lloyd’s
  • Make demonstrable progress in relation to diversity and inclusion to benefit your firm and the Lloyd’s market, through increased financial and operational performance
  • Input and access to market-level, effective benchmarking of our performance and progress against the Charter
  • Free to sign up and participate

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Quantifying our diversity aims & ambition

Our target is to achieve at least 40% male and at least 40% female representation in our senior management population over the next 5 years.

Although these goals refer specifically to gender, we value all forms of diversity equally and welcome the opportunity to report annually on our progress.