ClimateWise sub principles

  • 6.1 Ensure that the organisation is working to incorporate the Principles into business strategy and planning by encouraging the inclusion of the social and economic impacts of climate risk as part of the Board agenda.
  • 6.2 Publish a statement as part of our annual reporting detailing the actions that have been taken on these principles.

How is Lloyd's reporting and being accountable?

Senior engagement 
John Parry, Director of Finance, is Lloyd's Executive Team sponsor responsible for ClimateWise activities, which are discussed and approved by our Executive Team each year. We publish details of our activities to address climate change on our website.

Members of Lloyd’s Executive Team and Lloyd's Chairman John Nelson have publicly recognised the important role insurance has in mitigating and adapting to climate change and the devastating impact climate change can have. This is demonstrated in the public presentations and speeches they have given that discuss climate change.

Global Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Lloyd’s strategic objectives, and we take action to address the environmental impact of our operations. We report our carbon emissions publically each year.

Find out more about our progress with ClimateWise in the ClimateWise principles report below.